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The Obamas Dished Out Some Mexican Over Memorial Day Weekend


Memorial Day Weekend is all about the celebration, fun and binge. Even if you are the First Family, the latter is inevitable. President Barack Obama, the First Lady Michelle Obama and their eldest daughter Malia proved the same as they stepped out to enjoy a family lunch.

The Obamas’ pick was Oyamel, a Mexican restaurant owned by Spanish-American Chef Jose Andres. The chef is the proud recipient of an “Outstanding American by Choice” award presented to him by President Obama, who called Andres “the quintessential American success story”. *Slow clap*

Image: Eater

Anywho, the exact details of the First Family’s lunch haven’t been made public but our money is on the chapulines (grasshopper) tacos, duck gorditas, and the ceviche considering these are some of the Oyamel specials.

Earlier on, the White House said Obama played 27 holes of golf at TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm in Potomac, Maryland. He teed off at the private club with ESPN sportscaster Tony Kornheiser and a pair of White House aides.

Looks like the POTUS indulged in some serious self-pampering and R&R last weekend!


Meanwhile, Donal Trump ordered another Taco Bowl to level the score.

Source(s): The Associated Press; US News; Eater

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