Oakland Baker In Hot Water Over Controversial Cake

America has been a hotbed of tension ever since the presidential election, but it looks like now, even cake is getting political. When Ashley Shotwell posted a picture of her latest creation – a red and black confection bearing the words ‘Kill Nazis’ – she never imagined the ramifications.

Within hours, her post garnered a torrent of mixed reactions. However, Shotwell also reported 200 fabricated negative reviews, some claiming that they had bought cakes full of maggots. Some also complained of incidents that had occurred at her store although she doesn’t even have a storefront.

Shotwell thinks that alt-right groups circulated the video of her creating the cake and were behind the numerous one-star reviews. After the post went viral on Facebook numerous reviews were flagged and taken down, with more than 1,200 five-star ratings replacing them. Apparently, before the incident, her page had only 20 reviews.

The controversial cake was requested after a customer saw one of Shotwell’s previous creations which read “Resist Fascism”. Although Shotwell had no qualms about fulfilling a consumers request with an antifascist message, she said she would suggest a less aggressive message in the future.