If #NutellaGate Is Real, Are You Okay With It? #POLL

After social media went into the emoji frenzy over Google’s ill-stacked cheeseburger, it’s now Nutella that has all of our nerves wracked. The former was christened #BurgerGate while this one has been given the name #NutellaGate. Why, you may wonder? Here’s why.

According to a recent report by Time.com, Nutella is making certain tweaks in its widely loved recipe, “The Hamburg Consumer Protection Center, which first alerted chocoholics to the Nutella news, did some sleuthing and found that the product now contains more skimmed milk powder, apparently at the expense of cocoa. In addition to a slightly lighter colour, the change bumps up the sugar content and slightly reduces the fat content”, the article read.

The condiment company confirmed the speculation on its German Facebook page on Tuesday, November 7. Needless to say, fans across all social media platforms were outraged, to say the least. And a new term #NutellaGate became a widespread trend on Twitter.

So, here is the question: did you notice the change in flavor of your favourite chocolate hazelnut spread? And if you did, are you okay with this change? Vote below and let us know!

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