Now You Can Order Pizza From Domino’s With One Touch

Forget apps. Forget online ordering. Calling? What year is this, 2000? Domino’s is introducing the one touch pizza ordering. Just press a button and a hot pizza will arrive at your doorstep within minutes. It’s that easy to order a pizza from Domino’s, unless of course you are craving for a Pizza Hut pizza.


Domino’s will be introducing both forms, a physical button, provided by Flic, and a virtual button for customers to place an order for pizza. The physical button is a tiny magnetic button programmed with your address and contact details and will be synced to the Domino’s app on your phone via bluetooth. You can store your contact information on the Dominos’ website or the app and save your favourite order. By pressing the physical button, it automatically places an order for your favourite pizza. Sounds simple enough?

Domino’s are following in the same path of Amazon, who introduced the “Dash button” for one touch ordering of household products. Although the concept is not original, it serves a much bigger and better purpose, to get the pizza to you with minimal communication. It is fast, efficient and much easier than online or phone ordering.

For now, the physical button is not available anywhere but the UK with the first shipment of the product being released in December. To promote the product, Domino’s will be giving away the button in an elaborate social media campaign. Participate and maybe you can win the button for pizza, making your ordering that much more simpler.