Now, Feast on Pre-Packaged Food When Travelling by Train

Traveling by train can be a hassle. However, many times that hassle is magnified due to the food being overpriced, unhygienic, insect-ridden, or all of the above. Steps have been taken by the IRCTC but there still seems to be some work to be done.

Lucky, for those of you who favor train travel, you may soon be able to eat pre-packaged food, the next time you plan a railway expedition.

Nestle Introduces New Packs

A railway ministry official spoke to the Financial Express and said that “We are starting a pilot with Nestle (to serve ready-to-eat food) and have identified a couple of trains. These are not Rajdhanis or Shatabdis.”

Nestle is believed to have introduced new packs meant only for railways. The official further said that since the volume of food will be high, the prices may be negotiated. This is a far cry from the present IRCTC contractors who cook at their facilities, making rail travel better, one meal at a time.