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Now you can talk to your Outdoor Grill.


Yes, it is voice and text activated.

We have had normal grills that cook our meat perfectly or the flamboyant grills that can cook up to 4 tons of meat. But this grill, we can talk to. Yes, it’s the future of outdoor cooking. The new SmartGrill by Lynx is part robot, part lean meat-grilling machine.

 smart grill 2

The SmartGrill can do everything. It easily monitors surface temperatures ensuring that you never have those nasty flare-ups. The super griller even learns exactly how you like your meat with an algorithm. A built-in database of about 200 recipes is just an added bonus. But here is its smartest feature. You can give it orders via voice commands or texts.

“I’d like three tenderloin steaks, medium-rare, please!”. That’s all you have to do. It also has a manual mode for the grillers who consider themselves purists.

smart grill 1

“Imagine a world where the grill works for you instead of the other way around,” said Jim Buch, CEO of Lynx Grills. “In the same way that quality sound, video, or processing power in other CE categories, consumers understand the value of smarts and connectivity and are beginning to expect smart technologies in more areas of their homes, including their backyards.”

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