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Do you need to know where to find the best California rolls in Mumbai? Or, where you can get authentic Parsi food in Chennai? We here at HungryForever have answers that we’re only too happy to share!


We already offer a plethora of articles that will best help you explore food in your city as well as food trends, recipes and news. Now, we’re inviting you to delve a little deeper into the world of food by using the chat tool on our website.

Chatting Us Up

The chat tool, which pops up as a little red ‘HF’ icon as you explore the website, is linked to your Facebook account and will send a message over to our inbox.


We’ll reply within minutes (provided it’s no 3:00 am when we’re typically in a food coma) with whatever (food related) information your stomach and taste buds desire.

Here’s some questions you can ask us:

– When did Gordon Ramsay come to India?

– What’s the best way to peel an onion?

– Where can I get fresh Thai spices in Delhi?

– Who’s Nigella Lawson?

– Why is the world obsessed with food hybrids?

– How can I make paneer malai at home?

Go on, use your imagination! We’re always excited to chat with fellow food lovers, so go ahead and give us a buzz.