Novotel Bengaluru Celebrates Fairtrade Week By Sourcing Ingredients From Farms

Novotel Bengaluru Celebrates Fairtrade Week By Sourcing Ingredients From Farms

According to a report by the F&B News, Novotel Bengaluru Outer Ring Road has been laying special emphasis on fairtrade practices and its awareness as a part of the Fairtrade Week celebrations. The week is aimed at encouraging ethical farm practices and sourcing of local ingredients like that of Black Baza Coffee and Makaibari tea. An intriguing conversation between farmers, select guests, conservation experts, coffee and tea connoisseurs and leaders from organisations who are pro fair trade was also organised and was called ‘Are We Fair Enough?’

Fair Trade Practices

“We believe in the power of Fairtrade and its positive impact on sustainability and how it empowers the farmers. We chose to be aligned with Fairtrade because it perfectly aligns with our Acting Here Planet 21 initiative, which is to drive change towards positive hospitality,” said Maverik Mukerji, general manager-delegate, ibis and Novotel Bengaluru Outer Ring Road as reported by F&B News.

“Efforts are to launch Black Baza Coffee, that is sustainably grown in the ecological hotspot of BR Hills, about 200km from Bengaluru. We also serve an exquisite tea from Makaibari, a company which believes that all farmers are artists, and their palette is the earth which provides food to sustain mankind. Through these activations and partnerships, we hope to drive positive hospitality and provide the most sustainable products and services for our guests,” he added.

“The commitment to serve Black Baza coffee and Makaibari Tea, which are both Fairtrade-certified, and therefore ensure better practices and working conditions on the field, and also the investment of a Fairtrade Premium for the producer communities, reaffirm Novotel’s commitment to sustainability,” said Arshiya Bose, founder-director, Black Baza Coffee Company according to the report by F&B News.

Feature Image: Accor Hotels