Have You Noticed A Difference In Dominos’ Pizza Recently? #POLL

Domino’s Pizza’s Indian wing has recently undergone some major change and we’re wondering whether you’ve noticed the same. The popular global pizza chain has revamped the way it makes its pizzas, almost as if having read our minds!

How often have you finished the entire pizza (or slice of pizza). By entire we mean with the crust and all the base that doesn’t have any sauce or topping on it. Seldom, we know because we’ve been there and have guiltily put back the uneaten crust back into the box. And then there have been times when we thought the crust was too hard and the pizza lacked enough cheese and/ore toppings.

But as it turns out, Domino’s had secretly been noting all our woes and actions. Earlier this month, Domino’s India announced its #AllNewDominos campaign with a short 40 second video on social media featuring head chef Narender S Jaravta, who along with his team of expert pizza makers have formulated a new way of making our favourite food – with a softer dough, more sauce, more cheese, and more toppings!

We tried it for our self and it’s true, the pizzas now come with more of everything (we mean everything) and less of the crust!

What’s more, there has been a slight tweak in the menu options as well (most of it for the better, of course). Our pizza prayers seem to have been answered! But we ask again, did you notice these changes? Vote below and let us know!

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Feature Image: Evening Standard