Not So Sweet: ASCI Says Patanjali Honey Ads Are Misleading

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has directed Patanjali to withdraw its advertisments for its honey products, stating that they are misleading. This comes after Dabur, another major honey producer in India, filed a complaint against the ads in July.

The Ads

The ads have the tagline ‘Patanjali honey – purity ki Double Guarantee’. It also claims that the honey is tested over a hundred times for purity and quality using parameters from the FSSAI.

Patanjali Honey

However, the ASCI has ruled that the claims made in the ads are not substantiated, cannot be proved to be valid and are therefore misleading.

Patanjali has responded saying that it will take ASCI to court, as according to the company the ASCI has no authority or experts to allow them to tell Patanjali to remove its ads.