Nostalgia Alert: Vimto Will Soon Be Re-Launched In India

Vimto, a British soft drink, will soon be making a comeback in India thanks to a tie up between Delhi based Iceberg foods and the drink’s manufacturer, Nichols PLC.

The Involved Parties

Vimto was originally invented by John Noel Nichols in 1908. Currently, Vimto is produced in Britain by Cott Beverages on the behalf of Vimto Soft Drinks under Nichols PLC. Nichols PLC issues licenses to various manufacturing plants to produce the drink – with this arrangement it is manufactured in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Gambia.


Similarly, Vimto has agreed on licensing terms with Iceberg Foods – a brand which produces and markets Kingfisher packaged drinking water and RC Cola in India. The company has bottling plants in Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore as well as a diverse network of dealers and distributors.

Vimto’s Return

Nichols PLC has issued Iceberg Foods with licensing terms allowing it to manufacture and market the drink in India. “This is a proud moment for us and we are glad to be associated with this nostalgic product,” said Kishor Agarwal, the managing director of Iceberg Foods in a statement. “We are positive that Vimto will be well received and help us augment our growth in the ready-to-drink sector,” he added.

Vimto, which was first launched in Indian in 1920, is a juice made with grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants flavoured with a secret combination of herbs and spices. Agarwal believes that summer is the perfect time to launch the drink – because consumers are constantly on the lookout for refreshing beverages to battle the heat.


The drink will first be launched in Tamil Nadu and then rolled out over the country.