North Korean Soldier Gets Free Lifetime Supply Of Choco Pie

North Korean Soldier Gets Free Lifetime Supply Of Choco Pie

Oh is a North Korean soldier who escaped to South Korea and got badly injured and defected in the process according to Fox News. He had been shot five times and had undergone two surgeries in his escape mission. After waking up he asked the doctors for Choco Pie according to the Korean Herald.

Why Choco Pie

The Choco Pies or the moon pies are made with marshmallows surrounded by a layer of cake and dipped in chocolate and these were sold at the Kaesong Industrial complex. The choco pies were being made in this demilitarized zone using North Korean labour by the company Orion. This is where Oh and the other troops fell in love with the sweet treat.

Though Orion as a company seized to function in early 2016, it still supplied 100 boxes to Oh at the hospital on hearing his request. Plus they have also agreed to provide a lifetime supply of Choco Pies to him. A spokesperson told Korean Herald, “We sent the Choco Pies as a welcoming present to Oh, who came to Korea after going through hardship. It was not an act for publicity.”



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