Noida, Get Ready For Ice Cream Rolls & Waffle Pops At Ice Ninja, DLF Mall Of India

There are ice cream rolls and then there are amazing ice cream rolls. And, as we have mentioned earlier, Ice Ninja’s ice cream rolls fall in the latter category. But here’s something even better, you won’t have to hike all the way to Baani Square in Gurgaon to indulge in some delicious ice cream rolls because the dessert parlour just opened its second outlet in Noida’s DLF Mall Of India.


Waffle Ninja

Here’s some even better news: it’s not just Ice Ninja that the Noida folk should be excited about, as the ice cream parlour brings in tow ‘Waffle Ninja’, which is Ice Ninja’s equally awesome cousin, known for something a little less brain freezing.

As the name suggests, Waffle Ninja is popular for its waffle pops – yet another hot food trend that the Ninja has aced. The shop rolls out a bunch of delicious waffles on sticks, including some truly mouthwatering variants like Strawberry Blush, Candy Crush, Dark Knight, After Eight, Better Orange, and much more.

What’s even better is that not only do you get to pick your toppings, but also your can decide the flavour of the base waffle. Customers can pick from options like Maple Tree, Oreo Crumble, Banana, Caramel, and others. Enjoy all this and some more at Sector-18’s Mall Of India.Noida, Get Ready For Ice Cream Rolls & Waffle Pops At Ice Ninja, DLF Mall Of India

So what are you still waiting for? Grab your sugar-loving squad and hop on over to Ice Ninja and Waffle Ninja to sweeten up your festive season!