A ‘No Waste’ Dinner Organised At Boka To Honour Chef Massimo Buttora

On November 11, Chef Masimo Bottura, owner of Osteria Francescana is expecting a special dinner at Boka which is being organised in the honour of him and his new cookbook called ‘Bread is Gold: Extraordinary Meals with Ordinary Ingredients.’

No Waste Dinner

According to Flipboard, the Boka chefs Lee Wolen and Meg Galus have planned a five course menu that will live up to Bottura’s ‘no waste’ philosophy. As an example the second course will be made up of striped bass over a sauce that will be made using the smoked bones of the fish and the skin and scraps will be used up in a smoked-fish dip for the amuse.

“We like carrots,” Wolen told Flipboard, “So we’ll make a carrot and panzanella salad, turning our old bread into panzanella and using the carrot tops to make the dressing.” The mushroom scraps are intended to be used in a risotto by fermenting them into a liquid. Further, the scraps of short rib, dry-aged beef and pork which are taken from Boka’s menu and will be used to make meatballs. These will be served with squash porridge and black truffle.

As for the dessert, chef Galus will be making a banana peel ice cream to which Wolen adds, “It’s really good; Meg is actually using banana peels.” The dinner is priced at $185 and the patrons will also be gifted Bottura’s new book. Greater Chicago Food Depository will receive a portion of the proceeds.