No Bun Intended – KFC Double Down Is The First (And Only) All Chicken With No Bun Burger In Town

Are you tired of the same old burger that makes a mess when you try to eat it? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Your favourite chicken restaurant is making your life easier and tastier!


Remember when we told you about the KFC’s new secret burger? Guess, what? The wait is over. The secret burger that had all of us curious is now finally available at stores! The wait was so worth it. KFC’S Double Down burger; a complete dream for the chicken lover- all chicken with no bun- is available across KFC stores for the next weeks. Do note that it will be available only for six weeks! A burger without the bun? Now that is something we did not even expect in our wildest dreams!

This crispy golden burger with a combination of wood fire and fajita sauce with veggies and cheese inside, it was a heavenly delight. The succulent pieces of chicken with crispy, crunchy flakes will make you go weak in the knees and tempt you for seconds.

We know that you would not procrastinate when it comes to the matters of food but do hurry up! Double Down is available across the stores only for 6 weeks. So, don’t act now, act fast while the supplies last.

Priced at INR 165/-, Double Down is available only for the next six weeks, across all KFC restaurants in India. You can also order online at or on a call at 33994444.