Nitish Kumar’s Advice To Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Will Destroy All Your Party Plans

Bihar’s juice-loving CM Nitish Kumar has some serious advice for Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. While addressing a rally in Badarpur on Sunday, flagging the apparent success of the liquor ban in Bihar, Kumar advised the AAP leader to follow in his footsteps and impose a liquor ban in Delhi as well. He further claimed that the ban has transformed Bihar’s societies and improved people’s life.

“The liquor shops are being taken inside the town from the highways after the SC order. It should be opposed,” he said advocating liquor ban across the country, which comes after drunken driving cases started mushrooming. The Bihar leader further encouraged the move by saying that consumption of alcohol is not a fundamental right and the campaign to ban liquor is in the best interest if families and their well being.

Nitish Kumar’s Advice To Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Will Destroy All Your Party Plans

Kumar, who is in Delhi ahead of the upcoming civic polls lauded his ways while saying that he works without advertisements, possibly taunting PM Narendra Modi and Kejriwal. “The crime graph has put Delhi at top and Bihar at 22nd position. Those who are responsible for policing in Delhi will have to take note,” he said suggesting that Delhi should be given full statehood. “It is better that Centre does its work and allow Delhi government to do its job,” he said.

Reportedly, a bunch of JD(U) workers complained that their pockets had been picked. A JD(U) leader confirmed the development. “Some people reported this to senior functionaries,” a JD(U) functionary told The Times of India.

We’re wondering whether Kejriwal pay attention to his adversary’s advice. If yes, then we might as well just stock up before the Capital dries up! But before that happens, here’s some good news to cheer up all you Delhi people. Of the numerous bars that had halted their services following the apex court’s recent ruling, five hotel bars in the Aerocity area near the Indira Gandhi International Airport may reopen soon as a Delhi government committee has found they are beyond the banned limits.


So, there’s some good news to make you happy (in more ways than one) again!