Nihal Raj, a.k.a. Kicha, To Take The Under 25 Summit 2017 By Storm!


Decked up in his tiny crisp white apron and on-point chef’s hat, Nihal Raj, a.k.a. Kicha, left every one stunned when he appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show last year. With a YouTube channel and several recipes – one of which Facebook even acquired non-exclusive rights for, for a whopping USD 2000 – 6-year-old Kicha has achieved more than most of us. And now to add yet another feather to his hat, the young cooking prodigy from Kochi will be seen at the Under 25 Summit 2017, which is being held in Bangalore from 5th to 8th January.


Know Kicha

“He is different from kids his age. Even this Facebook thing, he knows what is happening but he isn’t overexcited,” says Rajagopal V Krishnan, Kicha’s father, adding: “We want our kids to play football or cricket or painting and enroll them in coaching classes too. It’d be so much better to take into consideration the child’s interests before thrusting him or her into something they might not enjoy.”

Kicha first featured on YouTube when he was all of five, and there has been no looking back since then. The super talented kid whips up marvelous recipes on his YouTube channel, Kicha Tube, which has almost 14k followers. “The Little Chef” is a bundle full of promises and hopes, and has a future brighter than your phone’s screen waiting ahead of him.

And to make his way up to that bright future, Kicha will be seen stirring up a storm at India’s biggest youth festival, the Under 25 Summit in Bangalore this weekend. He will be speaking at the event, and needless to say, the chef will be the youngest speaker at the Summit. To give you a little better perspective, eminent speakers like Tanmay Bhat, Mallika Dua, Arnab Goswami, Kenny Sebastian, and the likes will also grace the dais. Now, isn’t that an achievement?


15665410_734152220076318_5250109373019874340_nImage: Facebook | Kicha


About Under 25

Under 25 is a media and entertainment company that brings together entertaining and exciting experiences for the youth. Feeding off the energy from our attendees last year, Under 25 Summit is coming back to Bangalore in partnership with Hungry Forever and other leading median and marketing companies.

So, what are you doing this weekend? Head over to the Under 25 Summit to enjoy the best of food, technology, music and design all under one roof. Gear up for four days of madness jam-packed with performances, artwork, food trucks, master classes, fun workshops, flea markets, and a whole bunch of other things to jazz up your weekend!

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