Newly Launched App Might Provide A Solution To Food Waste In The US

Green Matters reports the launch of ‘Spoiler Alert’ app which can keep a check on food just in time before it gets spoilt and help make it reach people who need it. 30-40 percent of food supply in the US goes to waste which results in billions of pounds of food which is mismanaged according to the United States Department of Agriculture’.

How Does Spoiler Alert Work

The publication further reports that the app is made to help solve the wastage issue of the food which would otherwise be dumped into ta landfill. The app function as a business to business marketplace where a company can manage its surplus food supply and get it to the right people before it turns into waste. The companies that can use this app are food manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and grocery retailers and use it to check the products which are not being sold and through the app itself, make these products reach the non-profit organisations and discount food companies so that the food reaches to those in need of it.

Currently the app has tied up with farms, non-profit organisations and food businesses in the New England area.