A New York Woman Is Suing KFC For Misleading Ads


Ads for food tend to be overwhelmingly drool worthy; as you sit curled up in front of the TV you may be treated to the sight of cheese oozing out of a pizza, a plump patty nestled in between two burger buns or a box of overflowing, crispy chicken.


Sometimes, you may give into temptation and head out to grab some delicious fast food yourself. However, what happens when you hand over the money only to realise the food looks nowhere near as good as it did on TV?

Recently, Anna Wurtzburger, a New York resident found herself in that scenario when she bought a bucket of chicken from KFC only to find that it wasn’t as full as she expected. Instead of just writing it off as a bad experience, she’s decided to sue the brand.

The Incident

After buying a $20 bucket of chicken from a KFC in New York – saying it was a “rare treat” she arrived home to find that the bucket was half full.


She then called the KFC headquarters, complained and was then told that the commercial portrays the chicken so the audience can see it. Not satisfied with that explanation, she hired a lawyer, filed a lawsuit and is demanding that KFC changes its advertising.  

“I came home and said, ‘Where’s the chicken?’ I thought I was going to have a couple of meals,” she told The Post. “They say it feeds the whole family … They’re showing a bucket that’s overflowing with chicken,” she added.


KFC responded by sending her two gift certificates which she indignantly returned. The major fast food chain has commented that the suit is “meritless”.