New Vegan Café Brings Healthy Choices To A Food Desert

New Vegan Café Brings Healthy Choices To A Food Desert

A food desert is a place which has people living on low wages and have limited access to nutritious food that comes without a pinching their pockets. Watervliet is one such town in Michigan and a new vegan café opened up by Josh Musinki is bringing the locality healthy choices at affordable prices.

Water And Wheat Café Bakery

Musinki has only been living in Watervliet for only two years but ended up opening a vegan café named Water and Wheat Café Bakery. This happened because the vegan food he needed on a daily basis was 20 minutes away and he wanted to change that reports Herald Palladium. “The idea is to make things that restaurants, cafes and home cooks can use to easily make vegan food using fresh, more local ingredients. And to help inspire that transition for people to happily eat less animal products and more health foods,” he told the publication.

Musinki also told Herald Palladium that the business has contributed a lot to the community which came as a surprise to many locals because most residents were already following a vegan diet. “Just in South Haven, there are like six vegan families. And kids from Watervliet High School are vegan. We’ve really met a lot of people with similar ideology and ethics because we opened this,” he explained.

Image Source: Water and Wheat Café Bakery


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