New Subway Sandwiches Are Catering To Millennials’ Tastes

When you think Subway sandwiches you think about a one-footer with the usual toppings (read: turkey, chicken, veg and maybe honey mustard sauce). However, Subway is changing it up in a big way and all in an effort to get a handle on ‘Millennials’ tastes’.

At San Francisco’s Outside Lands music festival Subway recently debuted four new sandwiches, three of which are still in the prototype stage. Spoiler alert: the new Subway sandwiches have seriously upped their game! Four new sandwiches could be hitting a Subway near you: the Italian Hero Supreme Sub, the Red Pepper Hummus Wrap, the Fresh Mozzarella Ciabatta Sub, and the Pico de Gallo Chicken Wrap.

New Subway Sandwiches Are Catering To Millennials' Tastes

Of the four, only the Italian Hero Supreme Sub is already available but it’s safe to say that these new sandwiches don’t sound like your ordinary sub! The Red Pepper Hummus Wrap and the Fresh Mozzarella Ciabatta Sub are the vegetarian options which we’re sure will do well (everyone loves hummus and mozzarella) and the Pico de Gallo Chicken Wrap already has plenty of fans.

It turns out that Subway really does listen to a consumer’s preference, so if any of these new sandwiches tickle your fancy be sure to let them know. It just may turn up in your nearest Subway which makes us all winners!

Representational Image: PopSugar