New Restaurant Alert: Bangalore’s Beloved Fatty Bao Has Arrived In Mumbai

Bid a warm welcome!
It’s been just over a month since Monkey Bar arrived in Mumbai, and it’s been a huge hit; even on a weeknight you have to fight for space. Now the same F & B team behind Monkey Bar is brining another much loved Bangalore restaurant to amchi Mumbai; The Fatty Bao.

While Monkey Bar’s mascot is the pondering chimpanzee, Fatty Bao’s mascot is the adorable panda. Considering the mascot, it makes sense that the Fatty Bao’s menu will have a range of pan- Asian delicacies, lovingly created by the chef behind Monkey Bar’s eclectic menu; Chef Manu Chandra. 
Along with his business partner and co-owner, Chetan Rampal, Chef Chandra seems to be intent on making all of Mumbai’s dreams come true. With the delicious food, Mumbaikars can enjoy the Fatty Bao’s upbeat, décor while they sip on signature cocktails like the Fatty Sour, a concoction of fresh raspberries, whisky and lime. 


Get set, because the Fatty Bao will be opening its doors to Mumbai tomorrow night at 7 pm! Better book a table though, because it’s stipulated to be as packed as Monkey Bar is. Call
022 2600 5220 and then head to the Summerville, junction of 14th Road and 13th Road, same lane as KFC, off Linking Road, Bandra (West).