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New Reason Found For Fat Food Craving During Dieting


Conducting a study on rats, the researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston show why there’s craving for fat rich food during dieting. They have even identified new brain circuits that can put a pause on binging. Their observation showed that rats on low-fat diet for a month seeked fat rich food.

Fatty Food Cravings

“Craving for foods high in fat — this includes many junk foods — is an important part of obesity and binge eating,” said Jonathan Hommel, assistant professor in the department of pharmacology and toxicology according to Science Daily. “When trying to lose weight people often strive to avoid fatty foods, which ironically increases motivation and craving for these foods and can lead to overeating. Even worse, the longer someone abstains from fatty foods, the greater the cravings.”

Half of the rats on this experiment were taken through a surgical procedure which blocked a brain chemical called neuromedin U receptor 2. This chemical regulates food intake. After this, the rats did not crave for fat rich food. “While our findings are only the first step in a long process from the scientific lab to the doctor’s office, we are planning to develop new drugs to help curb those cravings,” said Hommel. “Although it may be years before the drug is ready, our research highlights some important features of food craving that may help you set realistic New Year’s resolutions.”

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