New Ketchup Packaging Is Coming Our Way

According to ScienceDaily, new research is being conducted to cut down on waste and consumer frustration with respect to the current Ketchup packaging. Almost everyone has fought an epic battle trying to get that last drop of Ketchup out of those small packets that accompany most of the fast food served in restaurants. What we don’t realize is that the ketchup left behind in the packets contributes to heaps of food thrown away by us.

New research from Virginia Tech aims to reduce this waste and in turn, help us win our battles! They have established a method for wicking chemically compatible vegetable oils on the inner surfaces of the packaging. This will help the foods stuck inside the packaging release more easily.

No More Ketchup Battles

New Ketchup Packaging Is Coming Our Way

This technique can also be applied to polyethylene and polypropylene – This will help in reducing plastic waste as these hydrocarbon-based polymers are the easiest plastics to recycle. These oil-infused plastic surfaces will also be bacteria-resistant.

This method will definitely bring a wave of change to the industrial food and packaging industry and maybe even the pharma industry.