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A New Hipster Café. Oh Wait It’s McDonalds!


McDonalds has opened a new store in the suburb of Camperdown, Sydney but disguised as a hipster café. It’s called the “The Corner” and will act as a lab for McDonalds to test their new menu items before rolling them to other stores.

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The new menu items include filter coffee, porridge and poached pear, pulled pork sandwiches and fresh quinoa salads. The staff wears a uniform of relaxed chambray shirts and dark jeans in complete contrast to McDonalds’ standard high-waisted uniforms. The cafes interiors include tiled walls and a herb garden and the food is served on wooden sandwich boards.

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The only thing that reminds you that this is still a McDonalds store is a tiny “McCafe” logo in small font on the takeaway bags. This is part of the McDonalds 1$ billion image makeover strategy, which will see the fast-food company move towards a healthier menu with features such as “make your own burger” and table service. Well we can’t wait for “The Corner” to open up in India!

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