Nestle India Responds To The Allegation That Nine Children Fell Ill After Consuming Maggi

Nine children from the same family were referred to the Gwalior Medical College, according to ANI’s reports today, after falling ill by allegedly consuming “Maggi” on the 7th of July. The incident happened in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur district. Maggi’s producer Nestle, however, has issued a statement rejecting the allegation, saying that it has probed into the matter and that whatever the children consumed was not one of its product.

“Not a Nestle India brand”

“We wish them a speedy recovery. We strongly disagree with allegations made against us, we have probed the matter and can confirm that product in question is not a Nestle India brand,” ANI reported Nestle India as saying on the 8th of July.

Nestle India Responds To The Allegation That Nine Children Fell Ill After Consuming Maggi

Several media channels have reported that the alleged “Maggi” packets had been purchased from the local grocer. It has been reported that the children started vomiting as soon as they consumed the product and that the youngest among them is just two years old.

More probing needed

A Times of India report has said that the doctor of the primary health center of Naugaon said it is a case of food poising. It quoted the Tehsildar of Nagaon as saying that only further probing will prove whether the children fell ill because of consuming noodles or because of some insect falling into the meal while it was being cooked.

It is to be noted that from getting detected for the presence of monosodium glutamate (MSG) in higher levels than what’s permitted to higher quantities of lead in its samples Maggi had faced quite a number of controversies in recent times. The latter was confirmed by the Kolkata-based Central Food Laboratory, leading to the issue going pan-India, following which the product went out of the Indian market.