Nestle India Re-Launches Maggi Cup Noodles And Two New Maggi Flavours

FMCG company, Nestle India has re-launched its cup noodles products (after having been banned last year) and has added two new noodle variants to its portfolio. This marks Nestle India’s sustained efforts to reclaim their top dog status in the Indian instant noodle market.

The Old and The New

In terms of launched products, Nestle India has brought back Maggi Cuppa Masala and Maggi Cuppa Chilli Chow, priced at Rs. 40 for 70 grams back to the shelves.


The company has also launched Maggi Hoteheads Noodles, targeted at spicy food lovers and available in four different spice levels, as well as Maggi No Onion No Garlic Masala, targeted at consumers who don’t’ want onion and garlic for religious reasons or taste preferences. The new noodles are priced between Rs.20 and Rs.22 for a 71 gram pack and will first be sold on Snapdeal, an online marketplace.


Commenting on the new developments, Suresh Narayanan, the Chairman and Managing Director at Nestle India said “It has been the consistent and abiding passion at Nestle to marry the benefits of our extensive knowledge of flavours, technology and the science of nutrition with the tastes and experiences that delight our consumers.Maggi Hot Heads, Maggi Cuppa and Maggi No Onion No Garlic Masala are result of this passion and determination which we are pleased to offer.”

Share Prices Rise

Following the launch of the noodles, Nestle India shares were trading higher on Wednesday. At10.10 am the share prices were up 0.37% at Rs.6736.

At the June 30th quarter end, Nestle India reported a net profit of Rs.230.84 crore which was Rs.458% more than the net loss of Rs.64.40 crore last year at the same quarter.