Nestle India Is Planning To Diversify Into Cereal And Premium Coffee

Ever since the Maggi fiasco in 2015, Nestle India has been diversifying its product range to reduce its dependence on Maggi sales. In 2016, it launched a range of new products including Nestle a+ Greek yogurt and new Nescafe variants. Now, the company has announced further plans to diversify, saying that 2017 will be its “year of agression”.

Nestle Products

Premium Coffee And Cereal

“There are so many categories in which we are not in. We don’t have a premium coffee business. Expresso and dolce gusto is not here. Our pet care is not here. Cereals is not here, in healthcare we are here but its very small…” said Nestle India CMD Suresh Narayan in a statement to the press.

He further went on to say that Nestle India is looking at adding premium coffees, cereals, snacking foods (under the Maggi banner) and possibly chocolates and confectionary. It will also consider removing recently launched products that are not preforming well.

“I would like to call it (2017) as year of aggression with purpose,” Narayanan said.

At present, Nestle India’s portfolio includes Nescafe, Nestea, Maggi, Kit Kat, Munch and Every Day.