Nestle India Launches Neslte a+ Grekyo, A Greek Yogurt Range

Adding to its dairy products portfolio, Nestle India has announced the launch of Nestle a+ Grekyo, a range of Greek yogurts.

About Nestle India

Nestle India falls under the international, Swiss based Nestle umbrella. Nestle India began with a manufacturing facility in Moga in 1961.


It manufactures a variety of brands including dairy brands like Nestle Milkmaid, Nestle a+ Milk and Nestle EveryDay, beverages like Nescafe and Nestea, chocolates and confectionery like Munch, Kit Kat and Milkybar as well as prepared dishes and cooking aids like Maggi 2 minute noodles, Maggi sauces and Maggi pasta.


Over the past few months, Nestle India has launched a variety of new products, perhaps to make up for sales lost in the Maggi ban and expand its product portfolio. A few weeks ago, Nestle launched Kit Kat Duo, while earlier this week it launched Nescafe Choco Mocha. The a+ Grekyo is the second new product to be launched this week.

a+ Grekyo

Commenting on the launch, Arvind Bhandari, the general manager of dairy, Nestle India said “We have introduced this product for the first time in India. Globally, the Greek Yoghurt category came into prominence less than a decade back and in certain countries it has already captured a major share of the entire Yoghurt market. In India, this category is still at a nascent stage but we are confident that Nestlé will lead the global trend for the Indian consumers soon.”


The Greek yogurt is available in strawberry, mango, pineapple and orange. The yogurt, Nestle India claims, has 70% more protein and calcium as compared to the Nestle a+ toned dahi. The yogurt has been launched in Delhi at Rs.30 for 100 grams and will be available in other major Indian cities soon.