Nestle To Enter Premium Chocolate Market In India With New Launches

Nestle, one of the world’s major chocolate manufacturers, will launch procurer chocolate brands and variants in India. These more premium chocolates will be from Nestle’s global portfolio.

The Chocolate Market In India

Presently, the premium chocolate is dominated by Ferrero and Mondelez, both international brands.


Ferrero recently announced that it would be investing Rs.367 crore in the Indian market, while Mondelez International just announced that it will be investing Rs.100 crore in a research, quality and development hub in Maharashtra

To challenge the growth of these two brands, Nestle just announced that it will also be brining premium brands to India as well as re-launching its Alpino chocolates.


“Along with the traditional bon bon format, we are also launching premium European range of chocolate bar with Alpino in a month entering the premium category. These are traditional European recipes that are about 130 years old. Milk chocolate, bitter sweet chocolate and a 70% dark chocolate are the variants. So we are also entering multiple technologies with this particular brand,” said Nikhil Chand, general manager-chocolates and confectionery at Nestle India to the Economic Times.

Popular chocolate brands under the Nestle banner already in India are Munch and Kit Kat.