Who needs Cocaine when you can snort Chocolate?

Chocolate junkies, here’s you newest tool. Yes, that’s right, a contraption that allows you to bypass the mouth and snort cocoa that goes straight up your nose. If you ever thought that your mouth wasn’t just enough, then this is probably the best thing that has happened to you since we discovered salted caramel.

Chocolate snorter 2

Belgian Chocolatier, Dominique Persoone, is the brains behind this cool new device. He invented this machine in 2007 to snort chocolate like cocaine for a Rolling Stones Party (Now that’s one party we would kill to be invited to). The “Chocolate Shooter” was modelled after a device that Persoone’s grandfathers used to use to snort snow up his nose. And now it has become a culinary novelty.

chocolate snort

Since its debut at the Rolling Stone party in 2007, Persoone has sold over 25,000 shooters at $50 apiece. The device is a tiny clear plastic catapult that you can load with chocolate powder flavoured with mint and ginger or mint and raspberry. Peroone recommends using these flavoured chocolate powders after experimenting with plain cocoa powder and finding it too dry to comfortably shoot up.

Once you get your new chocolate shooter, you are free to experiment as you please, but the chilli chocolate might not be the best idea.