You Need This McDonald’s Merchandise In Your Life!

Yes, you read that correctly! McDonald’s merchandise is officially a thing! All of you who both love food and fashion will rejoice in the knowledge that Mickey D’s got your back! Your love for the golden arches is no longer confined to delicious burgers and crisp fries! It can be a part of your wardrobe now!

McDonald’s has teamed up with Beams, a Japanese clothing brand, to make all of your red and yellow inspired dreams come true! You can fast fashion it up with crisp white t-shirts printed with a tiny burger and 1968 (the date of the fast food chain’s inception), a burger print tote and clutch,  red iPhone covers, and an adorable red baseball cap emblazoned with the classic double-decker burger. You can also get a jar of their iconic Big Mac sauce!

You Need This McDonald's Merchandise In Your Life!

Unfortunately for us, presently the McDonald’s merchandise is only available on a Japanese retail site. However, they do ship internationally so don’t feel too down!

The best part? All proceeds from the sale of the clothing items go straight to McDonald’s charity of choice, the Ronald McDonald House. Fashion combined with food for a good cause? Sign me up!