All You Need To Known About Anil Kapoor’s Diet & Fitness Regime

Since his magnanimous on-screen arrival (not debut, but arrival) with Woh Saat Din in 1979 to his ever so charming appeal over three decades later, not much has changed about Anil Kapoor. The actor has somehow managed to preserve himself better than a pickle and does not look a day over 40 even though his birth certificate may suggest otherwise (read, 60 years).

But is that all make up and effects? Not really, Kapoor attributes his ceaseless youth to eating right and consistent exercise, and more. Read on to find out more.



Contrary to what most people would believe, the Mr. India actor is not a consumer of super foods. Kapoor reveals that he eats the same meal everyday, and a typical day sees about 5-6 portioned meals. And his diet regime is simple really, only if you’re dedicated enough to eat all of it – even the mundane – everyday!

The actor’s day starts with a banana, which is high in minerals and carbohydrates and is a good source of energy. His breakfast usually consists of eggs and toast with a glass of fresh juice or black coffee. And if he misses breakfast due to busy schedule, he eats chicken and soup during lunch. The rest of the day also sees a bunch of healthy yet totally doable (by us simpletons) foods like vegetables, daal, oats, fish, and chicken.

Although not one to vouch for super foods, Kapoor does have his regular share of protein shakes, which keep his dietary protein intake up to the mark.




While a good diet is vital, pairing it with consistent exercise too is equally important, which exactly what Anil Kapoor does. No, we aren’t talking crazy hours in the gym and bench-pressing a million tons. According to the actor, it is essential that he get out of bed after waking up and follow it up with a good exercise routine first thing in the morning.

He likes to play around with variations in his workout. Hot yoga, cycling, weight training with free weights and bodyweight training are all the variations he has in his routine.

In addition to the diet and workout, the key to Kapoor’s fitness is a healthy lifestyle in all. and that , for him, means steering clear of alcohol and smoking. See, not very difficult now is it? In fact, there is nothing here that we didn’t already know about a good diet. Only that Kapoor has the will power to stick to it. Something not everyone can boast about!


Feature Image: MrPopat