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Here is what you need to do if you come across the term ‘Massage the Kale’


Kale was the celebrity vegetable of last year, and we went through dozens and hundreds of recipes with kale. Haven’t you ever been confused when you have read ‘now massage the kale’ in a kale recipe? Don’t worry, we have been too. So we tried to find out what it means to massage the kale. Surprisingly, not only does the process soften the kale, it also is quite necessary. This is the all-important step to transform the rubbery vegetable to a tender green. And how do you massage kale?

Step 1: What you need is a big bowl, medium-sized cut pieces of kale and some kosher salt.


Step 2: Put the kale into the bowl, and add liberal amounts of salt per big bunch.


Step 3: Rub the salt into the kale using your fingertips, toss the kale repeatedly.


Step 4: Continue massaging the kale until it turns into a more lively shade of green.


 Now your kale is ‘massaged’ and ready to be consumed. Pretty easy right? Try this kale salad and tell us if the massaging helps.