Navi Mumbai Will Be Holding A Health Oriented Food Festival This Year  

Have you made a resolution that 2016 will be a healthier year when it comes to your eating habits? Well, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has the same idea; come February, the corporation will oversee a food festival with a focus on healthy foods and food habits.


“With lifestyle disorders seeping deep in our society, the lifestyle has changed and has raised an alarming concern about obesity and diabetes among kids. This initiative invites vigilant citizens to think about the ill-effects of eating habit disorder and therefore take an initiative to save our children from various diseases,” said Navi Mumbai Mayor, Sudhakar Sonvane to the Times of India.

Along with hosting 100 stalls that will be selling organic, healthy food and crafts, visitors can enjoy live music and performances which have become popular at food festivals. Visitors will be able to attend workshops that highlight healthy eating practices and healthy recipes

Indeed, Navi Mumbai has seen its fair share of foodie scenes in the past few years. Popular restaurants have opened up and been met with welcoming arms from its inhabitants, and even South Mumbai foodies (such as The Hungry Mumbaikar) have been known to travel to Navi Mumbai to satisfy certain food cravings. Navi Mumbai is also the home of countless state bhavans where the homesick can go to get cheap, home style food.


So, with this latest initiative we think it’s fair to consider a few (food) coming of age questions – is Navi Mumbai well on its way to becoming a popular food hub within Maharashtra? And – when will you be visiting it?