NatureFresh Professional Undertakes A Month Long Celebration With Baker Partners Across India

NatureFresh Professional, the fastest growing national brand of bakery shortenings and margarine from Cargill Foods business in India, consistently upped outreach to its retail bakers, throughout the month of August, by undertaking several engagement activities with them. Anniversary celebration, Independence Day celebration and Cookie Lovers Day were few of the events wherein NatureFresh Professional partnered with bakers across India, ensuring the brand continued to remain top of their mind.

NatureFresh Professional initiated free sampling of the innovative cookies prepared by bakers, along with special offers for all consumers for the entire month of August. For the first time ever, on the Independence Day, bakers sported offers ranging from 15% off on the entire range to an assorted pack of cookie free on shopping of INR. 500. The brand also celebrated Cookie Lovers Day on 24th August, where an array of delectable cookies was on display at select outlets, resulting in unparalleled sales. All these initiatives were marketed well for the consumers with look walkers & newspaper inserts, danglers, standees, and poster décor in the store.

The brand also showcased new techniques, recipes, and skill which further helped the bakers to experiment and adapt to contemporary consumer requirements. These initiatives and events helped NatureFresh Professional in engaging with their customers and bakers on a real-time basis, imparting knowledge and ensuring the brand remains their first preference, at all times.

About NatureFresh

The ethos of NatureFresh brand lies in providing the ‘best of nature’ to the consumers. In today’s busy and active lifestyle when aspirations run ahead of our health, it is more than a necessity that we are conscious of the food we consume. NatureFresh brand not just brings the best of nature to its consumers with a range of products, but also processes and packs them to preserve nature’s goodness and promote a healthy and active life. With its 150 years of global expertise, NatureFresh is Cargill’s very own brand and its strength lies in procuring finest quality seeds, processing it just the right way to preserve nature’s goodness and pack it to retain the freshness till the time the product is consumed. The range caters to the cosmopolitan aspirers who wish to lead an active life to chase their dreams and aspirations.

About NatureFresh Professional

NatureFresh Professional, a brand of Cargill Foods India, offers bakery shortenings & margarine with a vision to bring good quality ingredients to bakers. They offer a range of fats for varied applications in bakery, including kharis, puffs, biscuits, cookies, creams, cakes & more. In addition to fats, they also help bakers with advanced research & development information and state-of-the-art food science expertise. The vision is to collaborate with the consumers, solve their problems on a day-to-day basis & uncover new opportunities for them through rapid delivery of nutritional, technical & regulatory support.