Natural’s Ice Cream Will Keep You Cool As A Cucumber This Summer With This Quirky New Flavour

Summer has made its unforgiving presence felt over the past few weeks and we’re running around like crazy monkeys to find a way to handle it. Recently, Natural’s Ice Cream parlour – a brand known for its natural ice cream – gave us one more weapon; cucumber ice cream.

Cool As A Cucumber

Natural’s is well known for its unique ice cream flavours; popular ones include saufn, malai and gajar ka halwa, so the fact that they experimented with cucumber isn’t all too surprising.

The cucumber flavour is made with milk, sweetened cucumber pulp and sugar syrup is filled with julienned cucumber, giving it a delicious texture.

The cucumber flavour is entirely new; in 2014, Natural’s received a gold medal for the most innovative ice cream flavour in the Great Indian ice cream contest. Now that it’s back, you should definitely head to Natural’s and give it a try.