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Nat Geo Delves into The World Of Food


 Exciting news for all the food lovers around the globe as National Geographic starts a new show by the name ‘Eat: The Story of Food’. As the name suggests the show covers various varieties of food products and the stories, science and ideology behind it. Here are some of the episodes that are out and what they are about. Watch out for the next episode, foodies!

 1.Hooked on sea food

 From the deadliest catch to the wickedest tuna, fruit from the sea continues to redefine who and what we are today.



 The story of meat is the story of mankind. One primatologist claims that cooked meat may have started it all.


3.Guilty Pleasures

 It’s the stuff we love to hate: processed food. It has changed what we eat so much that today our ancestors would hardly recognize it as food


4.Sugar Rushes

Sugar consumption reflects both our fears about who we are and our fantasies about who we might become. The story of sugar is the story of us.


5.Food Revolutioners

 Throughout history food revolutionaries have transformed the way we look at, cook and sell food.


 6.Baked and Buzzed

 Today, grains in their purest form have risen again with a renewed embrace of the natural and artisanal found in a great loaf of bread, an amber mug of craft beer or a hand-tossed crust in a gourmet pizza pie.