December 1, 2016

Napoleon Dynamite’s Stars Are Back And They Love The Burger King Cheesy Tots

Remember ‘Napolean Dynamite’? Yes? No? Don’t worry we won’t judge you if you don’t. Okay, maybe a little. Anywho, Napolean Dynamite was 2004 comedy flick starring Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez. The movie revolved around a socially challenged teen, Napolean – played by Heder – and his equally social misfit best bud Pedro – played by Ramirez.

The two besties are back (sadly, not in a sequel of their 12-year-old cult release), in an ad commercial for Burger King’s new menu addition, their cheese tater tots. If you were familiar with the movie, you’d remember the scene with Napolean, his charming friend, and the tater tots. The new Burger King ad recreates the same scene to promote their new food item.

cheesy-tots-pr-imageImage: Fortune

Released on Tuesday and filmed exactly like the original scene, which was shot over a decade ago, the two actors manage to drown you in a major surge of nostalgia. And mad cravings for the cheese tater tots. Basically, kudos to Burger King’s creative team for they couldn’t have chosen a better concept for their tater tots. Watch the advertisement below.


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