Namma Ooru Bengaluru: Taste Of Tibet – The Best Momos in Bangalore

If you’re an alumnus of Joseph’s, and you have good taste, you’ll definitely know this momo joint. I know, this technically isn’t street food since they have a restaurant upstairs, but it started out as a small street food joint, is light on the pocket and is self-service – surely it counts. Situated on the top floor of the Indo-Dubai Plaza off Brigade Road, Taste of Tibet has, hands down, the best momos you will ever eat in Bangalore (hurry, before someone decides to ban them).

The fried beef and chicken momos bring new meaning to the words – heaven on your plate. Combine it with the vibrant red chilli sauce (it doesn’t just look like blended red chillies, it is blended red chillies) and salsa and prepare for the experience of a lifetime. Those not accustomed to chilli should probably lay off the sauce but just the momos in itself are a treat.

Namma Ooru Bengaluru: Taste Of Tibet - The Best Momos in Bangalore

Each momo is fried to a perfect golden brown and contains the quintessential ratio of filling to dough, each bite allows the delicious broth of the filling to fill your taste buds’ senses. Don’t forget the Maaza to bring down the heat!

Taste of Tibet is also home to amazing Thukpa as well as delicious beef shaptra and cook the traditional Tibetan beef dishes to the tee (hurry, before someone hangs you for eating beef). Have no fear, because they also have ample vegetarian options which live up to the standard of the nonvegetarian dishes to ensure an enjoyable dining experience for all.

Namma Ooru Bengaluru: Taste Of Tibet - The Best Momos in Bangalore

You may not get a seat right away, and don’t go expecting five-star ambience, but go there for the food and I promise that you won’t be disappointed. Taste of Tibet is a self-service joint so keep your eyes peeled to the window lest someone swoops in and takes your momos before you (believe me, I’ve seen it happen)! These momos will change your life – I swear!