Namma Ooru Bengaluru: If You Don’t Know What DBC Is, I’m Sorry, You’re Not Bangalorean

Growing up in Bengaluru (it was still called Bangalore back then), we had the most amazing weather. Unfortunately, since it was was chilly throughout the year there was really only a small window of opportunity when our parents let us eat ice cream (I know boohoo, poor us). Whenever we saw an ice cream softy cart (you’ll remember those) we would scream out ice cream and my mum would shout back ‘I SCREAM’ (cruel, I know).

If it was a special occasion (read: a sibling’s birthday in the summer months, of which we had just one) we’d all pile into the old jeep to the Corner House in Koramangala. While the rest of us were relegated to choosing 2 scoops (if we were lucky), the birthday girl was allowed to order the holy grail of ice cream sundaes – the DBC – Death By Chocolate.

Namma Ooru Bengaluru: If You Don't Know What DBC Is, I'm Sorry, You're Not Bangalorean

This glutton’s delight was thought up by our very own Narayan Rao, who opened the first Corner House in 1982 (they just turned 35 this month!). If you’re outside Karnataka and scratching your head wondering what Corner House is and more importantly what DBC is, don’t feel too bad. Mr Rao wasn’t particularly keen on his brand moving outside Karnataka and getting diluted – so this really is one of Bangalore’s best-kept secrets.

Now on to the important thing – DBC. Death By Chocolate, so aptly named, contains brownies, vanilla ice cream and nuts – all generously drowned with their signature, piping hot, chocolate sauce. It’s enough to put anyone into a chocolate coma!

Now that I’m an adult I get to enjoy a DBC anytime I want – it’s much more accessible these days as well. More outlets have been opened, and you can Swiggy it from pretty much anywhere. But, if you want to really enjoy the nostalgic experience, I mean, really enjoy it, head to Corner House because there’s no place like home.