Namma Ooru Bengaluru: Central Tiffin Room

This legendary outlet is a must-try if you ever visit Bangalore. The wait may be long, and the distance far to travel but the Benne Masala Dosa is oh, so worth it. Central Tiffin Room (CTC) gives you the complete experience of old Bangalore in, well, old Bangalore.

Be sure to head to Central Tiffin Room early in the morning, as the traffic, as well as the possible wait time, turns this breakfast trip into a sort of pilgrimage, a dosa pilgrimage (the best kind). Bangaloreans have literally been coming here for decades, and for good reason too! This place really does embody the phrase “service with a smile”. The servers are friendly and efficient and will ensure speedy delivery of your chosen dishes.

If you’re a first timer, then you absolutely cannot go wrong ordering the Masala Benne Dosa. Crisp, buttery and shiny brown on the outside, combined with flavor-filled masala and compartmentalized chutney (so your dosa doesn’t get soggy – they know!). Don’t forget to order (in my opinion) the best filter coffee, scalding hot, strong and sweet as an accompaniment.

Pretty much everything is excellent, but the poori also comes highly recommended! The best part? You can stuff yourself for only Rs. 100! And no, we’re not kidding. A Masala Dosa only costs around Rs. 25 here, so you can feast like a king on a dime. So, we’re thinking, next Sunday breakfast scene – for sure!




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