Namma Chennai : Where a Window Can Lead to Bajji Heaven

When a place has no name, no signboard, and not even a door! You know it must be special when people line up there every day in large numbers. Simply knownas Jannal Bajji Kadai, this is literally a Hole in the Wall, yes a single window out of which comes some of the most spectacular Bajjis and Bondas in this city.


During the mornings and evenings, you will be able to savour simple and yummy breakfast options like Pongal (the most popular) Idli and Dosai but it is in the evenings that the crowds really hit the outlet for their famous Bajjis and Bondas.


Magical Moments

Served with either a white coconut chutney or their excellent kadalai mulaga (red chilli dal) chutney, the piping hot bajjis  go down a treat.


Made fresh each day, served, hot, keeping the consistency in flavour through many years, these are are qualities that we associate with the best street food anywhere in the world. This formula stands the  test of time. Adding to the charm is of course the window itself. As you wait for your turn, you can let your imagination run wild that you are going to be fed from another dimension or some such( we know you want to, admit it)

The current owners of this kadai don’t exactly know when or how it was started.They get a bit vague when asked the exact time at which the shop appeared. They will smile at you and just keep offering you more golden goodies. Almost like magic right?

Located near the famous Kapaleeshwar temple, devotees pass by the stall on their way back from the temple and make a beeline to join the queue.

Located at 12, 1, Ponnambala Vadhyar St, Vinayaka Nagar Colony, Mylapore, Chennai, and staying open between 7.00 am – 10.30 am and 5.30pm – 9pm this is one place in Cennai that you should not miss.

Featured image :Katchu travels