Namma Chennai : Among Top Vegan Friendly Cities in the World


I’ve known die hard carnivores come to Chennai and get converted to vegetarianism. That is not a fact. What is in fact true is that Chennai has been able to bring about a love for vegetarian food in most meat eaters. How can they not fall in love? With mouth watering and satiating vegetarian foods available around every corner. Who can resist a vibrant Sambhar Rice?. Hot fluffy Idlis with gunpowder chutney? and the crisp Bajji’s and Vada’s?

Chennai icons like The Grand Sweets & Snacks, Saravana Bhavan, Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Shree Mithai and Murugan Idli Shop and many many more like them (too many to list) are always jam packed full of people savoring vegetarian food. In addition to these, we must give a special mention to the numerous food carts all over the city that serve cheap, home style vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cultural Heritage

In a Metro city where there is a large population of Brahmins, Jains, and Gujratis who are culturally vegetarians ,it is only natural that the city is well known for producing stellar quality vegetarian food. Makes sense to eat light and fresh vegetarian food in the Chennai climate too.

In a list published last week by British daily newspaper the Guardian, ten cities are listed in as recommended for vegan travelers. Namma Chennai sits proudly on this list among Turin (Italy), Berlin (Germany), Helsinki (Finland), Tel Aviv (Israel), Melbourne (Australia), London (Britain), Vancouver (Canada) and two cities in the US: San Francisco (California) and Austin (Texas).

Vegetarianism and veganism is continuously  becoming more and more popular as people are becoming more aware about eating healthy and leaving less of a carbon footprint.


Chennai welcomes you to come and discover its timeless veggie jewels.