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Nacho Fries Are The New Fast Food Hybrid On The Block


We love fast food. Not just because, despite all the health hazards, they taste like heaven but also because the restaurants rolling them out are oh so innovative! Case in point, Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Taco, McDonald’s Grand Big Mac, and many more such high calorific grubs. The latest innovation to join this list is a snack hybrid created by Taco Bell – Nacho Fries (because despite what the POTUS may believe, America and Mexico can exist in perfect harmony).

Available for USD 1, Taco Bell’s new menu item had been quite the talk of the town after the chain announced “the most-anticipated menu item release of the year” in early January. So, what are these Nachos Fries? The deep-fried side is essentially a serving of French fries dusted with what Taco Bell calls Mexican dusting. And you can order these fries with a side of nacho cheese dip. Meanwhile, the more adventurous lot can opt for the Nacho Fries as Supreme or as Bell Grande, which will come with the same nacho cheese, plus beef, tomato, and sour cream.

The aforementioned topping and dips are not all that makes these thick fiery fries extra special. There is one more thing. Taco Bell chain will not be offering ketchup now that it’s serving fries, reports Refinery29. So this will probably be the first time that America will have its fries without ketchup. But then, would you dip your nachos in tomato sauce?

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