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Turn To Myprotein For A Healthy Indian Breakfast Staple



Myprotein Dosa Mix

Myprotein, the world’s leading sports and nutrition brand, is already renowned for its wide range of vitamin and protein supplements, healthy snacks, sports accessories and clothing. What makes them the number one in their field is their constant innovation, and commitment to help fitness enthusiasts meet their health goals.

The top-selling brand has taken a step forward in aligning itself closely with India’s vision of going local, with their latest launch – the Protein Dosa Mix. Identifying accurately that Indian households by the millions turn to the humble dosa as a quick and easy breakfast fix, they have given it the added benefit of a protein boost.

This is the first introduction in their healthy product range to be manufactured locally. Myprotein will be working closely with Indian manufacturers for production of the Dosa Mix, thus serving a dual purpose of generating more employment within the country, and bringing out a product uniquely customised to the Indian palate.

Made using Soy Protein Isolate, each container contributes 26g of muscle-building protein to your family meal, serving up to eight dosas of about 35g each, with no sugar whatsoever.

Myprotein - The Protein Dosa Mix

Involving minimal prep, even a novice in the kitchen can whip up perfectly crisp delicious golden dosas within minutes by simply following the suggested instructions:

Mix the contents of the pack with 320ml water and stir to a smooth batter

  • Lightly grease a hot flat non-stick pan or tava with coconut oil
  • Pour 75ml (about one-eighth) batter in the centre of the hot pan and spread it outward in circles to get a thin dosa of around 20cm in diameter
  • Sprinkle a few drops of coconut oil all over the dosa and fry till golden brown
  • Fold and remove, and it is ready to serve!

Talking about the health benefits of this new launch, Esha Singh, Managing Director-India & Emerging Markets, said, “We are committed to bringing a change of lifestyle in India, a healthier lifestyle. Throughout this year and the coming years, we will be introducing products that give healthier substitutes to the usual snacks. We understand that leading a healthy lifestyle starts with small steps and we would like to take a step in this direction without compromising on taste. We would also continue supporting the government initiative of producing and sourcing locally at the same time ensuring quality standards. This is our first step towards looking at local resources in India”

Available for order on, have your Dosa Mix delivered to your doorstep!