My Struggle with Gluten Intolerance
October 30, 2017
khushboo (1 article)

My Struggle with Gluten Intolerance

This is my story, the story of someone whose life changed because of food. I am Khusboo and i am gluten intolerant and living with this condition is extremely tough, this means carefully washing countertops, scrubbing the stove, the microwave, and the oven after a meal with gluten has been cooked. It also means having my own kitchen towels, chopping board, toaster and ofcourse, dealing with the stress that comes with eating out or eating from another kitchen. How do you tell someone who continues to make “Gluten Free’’ treats in her non-gluten free kitchen you cannot eat them due to cross contamination? Eating out is another nightmare; you can never known if the cook washed his hands/nails after handling gluten. This also means i can’t eat out like the rest of the world. Finding food while travelling is another headache. I have to carry my food with me all the time. Even a diabetic has some leeway in food intake. Not so with celiac. Because gluten is so prevalent, it is very difficult to control cross contamination, and exposure can add up to damage to the intestinal wall that has serious consequences. Our immune system’s reaction to gluten destroys our bodies from the inside both emotionally and physically. Intestinal and hormonal disorders are not visible, but they have an enormous impact on the overall health. You energy levels go down, it affects your hair, skin, body weight, the digestive system. Basically it shuts down the system in many ways. The body takes years to repair from the gluten damage. So the only medication for people like me is diet and for the past two months I have been working on my Gluten-Free food blog to help others who might have a similar health condition. This blog is for anyone who wants to eat healthy also do share the blog with anyone who has a gluten issue or someone who just wants to eat healthy. Thanks!

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