MWP (Maximum Wholesale Prices) At Bar Bar Every Monday!

If your bank balance has been exhausted by all the weekend partying (ordering food in) but you still wanna do something to get rid of those Monday Blues have no fear because Bar Bar is here! Introducing MWP Mondays at Bar Bar where MRP ain’t nothing but a thing!

No, seriously, on MWP Mondays all drinks are priced at their lowest price irrespective of the order. Ordinarily, you’d want to order more so you pay less but on MWP Mondays every drink is already at the cheapest price! So order 1 drink or 12, it doesn’t matter since all drinks are at their lowest price, all day long.

Yes, all day long! So duck out for a long lunch (don’t get fired) or leave work a tad early (or even late) because regardless of the time you enter drinks are going to be at its cheapest! Grab the gang and eat, drink, and be merry! Who said Mondays suck?