This Musuem In Dubai Is A Coffee Lover’s Paradise

Coffee is a popular beverage around the globe and what chai is to India, coffee is to the Middle East. “It is a part of our heritage. The way we have been brought up, coffee has always occupied a vital space in our culture. So even the poor, those who cannot afford anything, will serve coffee to their guests and welcome them,” says owner of the Coffee Museum, Khalid Al Mulla to Hindustan Times.

The museum shops houses a huge variety of coffee mugs used across many countries including personal hand grinders that you can take back with you. On entering the Coffee Museum in Dubai, the guest is welcomed by a lady who is dressed in Egyptian attire. She serves them traditional African coffee with some popcorn. She also engages the guests with stories like, “Marriages are not made by gods. They are made by coffee.”

You’ll find a room dedicated to Western antiques on the ground floor and one dedicated to Orientalism. In a special corner is displayed a variety of coffee. You can also find the history of the beverage right from the Ottoman Empire. “Swedish roast” is one their treasures on display that dates back to 1840.

The sheer collection of antiques is amazing as you can find a German grind that dates back to the World War II era and British mills from 1860. You can also find ancient toasters, old paintings that narrate the coffee history, its manufacture and preparation. You’ll also find a literature room here where you’ll find ancient texts on the beverage right from the 18th century till date.

The floor above has a coffee shops that offers coffee, of course and even coffee flavoured snacks to the guests. Mulla, who Hindustan Times describes as the mobile information bank of coffee cultivation and transportation told their reporter about the history of this popular drink. He added that it can be traced back to Ethiopian highlands centuries back. There is even an old legend by Kaldi that says that coffee was discovered by an accident when a goat ate some berries and ended being alert all night.