The Museum of Ice Cream In Miami Has Been Fined After Posing An “Environment Hazard”

There’s no denying that the Museum of Ice Cream makes for a fantastic Instagram story, as well as for those carefully curated posts after the experience (honestly, if David Beckham can’t resist, why should you). However, it turns out, that the sprinkle pool (where a majority of delightfully ‘candid’ social media shots are taken) is having an adverse effect on the environment.

According to the Miami New Times, the city of Miami has issued a sanitation violation and fined the museum $1,000 due to the sprinkles causing marine debris. The plastic sprinkles cling to guests’ clothing as they wade through the pool trying to get that perfect shot, which the museum-goers then unwittingly carry out onto the streets of the coastal city.

A local environmentalist first brought the issue to the limelight after filming the litter caused and posting a video on YouTube.

Steps are being taken to put the sprinkle pool at the beginning of the tour and not at the end, to keep the sprinkles away from the bay.